You know about the post-purchase upsells in Checkout X. They're designed to make it as easy as possible to grow your average order value and sell more at checkout. By displaying relevant offers after customers confirm an order, your chances to encourage them to spend more are at their highest.

So naturally, we wanted to push the limits of how effortless we can make it for you to generate extra revenue and earn more with upsells.

The answer was simple - automate it. 🦾

Introducing post-purchase upsells on autopilot 🛍🔄📈

From now on, you just sit back and enjoy as our new algorithm automatically finds the best upsell offers in your store to displays them to customers for you. This means no manual effort is required for your sales to start growing on autopilot.

Sounds too good to be true? Let's explain.

Why auto-upsells?

Since post-purchase upsells are one of the easiest ways to make more money from selling online, we wanted to make it more accessible for merchants. A lot of online stores actually ignore this strategy. For us, this is a problem that had to be solved.

What do they solve?

A successful post-purchase upsell strategy has 3 main components:

🎯 Finding the right upsell product

🛍 Creating the upsell offers

📈 Monitoring, testing, and optimizing

That's a lot of time and effort.

Automatic upsells are designed to do all that for you on autopilot so you can focus on growing your business while growing your bottom line in the background.

How do they work?

The auto-upsells in Checkout X take all the guesswork away from the entire process of upselling the products that are most likely to get bought after checkout.

🎯 The proprietary algorithm scans your order history to find the most winning product combinations

🛍 The upsell offers get automatically created and displayed at the end of every checkout for all the products in your store

📈 The algorithm constantly learns from itself and optimizes the upsells to find the highest converting offers possible

Again, all of that happens entirely on autopilot without any manual effort on your side.

What do you need to do?

You only need to activate or deactivate the automatic upsells from their panel here:

The Automatic Upsell Performance section is where you can monitor the results that Checkout X is generating for you.

  • Upsell conversion rate

  • Times an upsell has been shown

  • Times an upsell has been purchased

  • Total upsell revenue

As you can see, there is no configuration required for the upsells. The purpose of this is to eliminate the human factor all together because we believe the algorithm will eventually sell better than any marketer can.

What you need to know about the automatic upsells

The algorithm will constantly work in the background and run tests with different upsell combinations to find the best ones for your store. Here's what you need to know:

  • Priority: All the post-purchase upsells you created manually will remain and the automatic algorithm won't affect them. Your current upsells will have priority. This means all the products you have used as upsell triggers will not be touched and there won't be automatic upsells created for them.

  • All products: The automatic upsells will suggest post-purchase offers for all the products in your store, except the ones that already have manual upsells created.

  • Learning phase: Initially, the algorithm will be in a learning phase where it will be testing multiple offers based on your past order history. Eventually, as the algorithm learns, the upsell offers will become more relevant and your revenue will start increasing more and more.

  • On/Off: You can activate or deactivate the automatic upsells at any time and this won't affect anything else besides decrease your average order value and prevent the algorithm from learning.

Automate your revenue growth 💰

No effort, no risk, no setup. 🙌

The automatic post-purchase upsells will increase your average order value so you can make the most out of each purchase. Let your checkout sell more for you!

You can monitor and turn the automatic upsells on & off from the main Upsell panel in your Checkout X dashboard.

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