Today, we're launching the newest upgrade to Checkout X - Digital Checkouts.

Stores that are selling digital products on WooCommerce now automatically get an optimized checkout experience that's designed to remove distractions and only leave the essentials. No need for you to take any action.

The new Digital Checkout enables customers to buy virtual products much faster with a laser-focused experience showing only what's necessary to complete the order.

  • Checkout flow optimized for digital products

  • Less redundant fields and distractions

  • Automatic digital product detection

  • Replaced shipping details with billing details

  • Hide Cash on Delivery (if enabled) from digital checkouts

  • Hide Payment Methods for free digital products & downloads

Test the new checkout with a digital product here.

What are Digital Checkouts and why did we launch them?

Selling digital products online is a huge market segment and merchants worldwide thrive on selling software licenses, online courses, eBooks, written materials, photos, presets, illustrations, online tools, music, digital art, and lots more.

When you're selling digital goods and your checkout has shipping details & options, it's a bit frustrating for the customer whether they should fill them out or try to complete the order without them. It creates distraction, lack of certainty and clarity, and generally affects the overall conversion rates.

Still, a lot of merchants selling digital products and downloads in WooCommerce started using Checkout X because of how easy it is for shoppers to complete orders and for merchants to setup even before we launched the update.

However, since this is the first time we encounter such high demand to enable merchants to sell digital products, we decided to give them a hand and optimize their checkout for their business case.

Now, Checkout X is fully optimized to enable WooCommerce stores to sell more digital products faster. One of the best parts - it's all automatic.

What's the difference between regular and digital checkouts?

The physical product checkout has 3 main steps to complete:

  1. Shipping details

  2. Shipping options

  3. Payment method

The digital product checkout only has 2 steps to finish the order:

  1. Billing details

  2. Payment method

How do I enable the Digital Checkout?

You don't. It's enabled by default when Checkout X detects that all of the products in the customer's cart are digital. For the digital checkout to be enabled, Checkout X automatically scans each order for digital products.


  1. From your WordPress admin, go to Products > All products.

  2. Select a product and click Edit.

  3. Scroll down to the Product data and enable the Virtual checkbox.

  4. Click Save.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products > All products.

  2. From the Products page, select a product or create a product.

  3. In the Shipping section of the product page, uncheck This is a physical product.

  4. Click Save.

In case just some of the products in the cart are digital and others are normal - Checkout X will display the regular checkout process so your customers can enter their shipping details and preferences.

How does the digital product checkout help me sell more?

Checkout X enables a much smoother shopping experience for customers who are buying digital products from your store.

By removing what's not necessary for the order and leaving just the essential fields, your WooCommerce store gets a much more streamlined checkout flow that doesn't cause any frustration, confusion, or uncertainty in customers.

The checkout process that's optimized for digital products will now increase your conversion rates and help generate more revenue for your WooCommerce store.

No configuration required. Enjoy! 🚀

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