How does it work?

Google Places gives your customers instant address autofill for faster checkout completion. The less you ask of a customer to do, the more inclined they will be to complete the purchase which leads to increased conversions.

Once the customer starts filling the address field on checkout, the integration will auto-complete it or provide address suggestions for a faster process.

How can I set up the integration?

I have a Google Cloud account.

If you already have a Google Cloud account, you can skip the next step and go to the second section to find out how to connect Google Places in Checkout X for WooCommerce.

I don’t have a Google Cloud account.

First, you need to create your Google Cloud account. Then, sign up for your Google Places, enable Google Maps and Google Places APIs, and install it in Checkout X following these steps:

STEP 1: Sign up for Google Places:

  1. Log in/Register to your Google Account.

  2. Get started with Google Places in the Google Maps Platform.

  3. Add your Billing information.

STEP 2: Create Project, then add Maps JavaScript API and Places API from the Library:

  1. Log in to the Google Cloud Console and create your project or select an already existing one.

  2. From the list of APIs on the Dashboard, look for Maps JavaScript API and Places API. If you already see both, you can skip the last part of this step.

  3. If the APIs are not listed, enable them by going to the Library tab:

  • search for Maps JavaScript API > click Enable

  • search for Places API > click Enable

STEP 3: Configure your Google Places API key:

  1. From the Dashboard menu go to Credentials

  2. Click on Create Credentials > select API key

  3. Click on Restrict Key

  4. Give your key a Name

  5. In the API restrictions section select Restrict key

  6. Select both Maps JavaScript API and Places API > click OK

  7. Click Save

  8. Copy your API key

STEP 4: Connect Google Places to Checkout X:

  1. Click on Configuration.

  2. Go to Integrations.

  3. Find Google Places.

  4. Add your API key in the field.

  5. Don’t forget to click Save Changes.

  6. Done!

❓ FAQ ❓

🙋 What is the localization method used for Google Places?

Checkout X has set up the Google Places integration to only search for addresses in the selected country at checkout to make the results more accurate and relevant. To make things easier, we already have IP localization that automatically selects the country your customer is shopping from, so the Google Places integration will automatically give them the accurate address.

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