In this guide, we will go through the configuration techniques and discuss in-depth how to run A/B tests for post-purchase upsells.

A/B testing

Sometimes it’s hard to guess the upsell that will perform best. You can create an A/B test for as many upsells as you want, as long as they use the same upsell trigger product or category.

πŸ’‘ Hint: For better comparison of the A/B test performance only do single changes per newly created upsell. Eg. only change price or comparison price of upsell offers, or test different offers and upsell offer titles. That way you can see which order, set of products, or title is leading to the most conversions.

Create two upsells with the same trigger to run an A/B test

Having two upsells with the same product OR category triggers will perform A/B testing, meaning that they will be shown equal times to different customers. When there are overlaps we will show them for your convenience so you can see at a glance which upsells are overlapping.

Upsell individual product overlaps with a product from a category

Sometimes a category can contain a product that is used as an upsell trigger.

Let’s say that you have an upsell with a πŸ‘• T-Shirt Category trigger. Then, you have another upsell with a πŸ‘• Printed White T-shirt product trigger that is actually from the same category in your store.

In this example, the upsell with an individual product trigger, the πŸ‘• Printed White T-Shirt, will be shown every time to your customers when triggered. The upsell with the πŸ‘• T-Shirt Category trigger will be shown to all other products in this category that are not included individually in another upsell.

How to stop an A/B test

If you want to stop the A/B test or just remove some upsells from the A/B test, you can unpublish the upsells. That way all of the generated data will be kept and you can re-publish them at a later stage.

When you unpublish upsells the traffic to them will be automatically split between the remaining published upsells with overlapping triggers.

πŸ’‘ Hint: As a rule of thumb, try to test up to 3 upsells at once. That way you will receive your performance data faster to benchmark the upsells.

⭐ Check out our bonus video tutorial about πŸ‘‰πŸ» How to Run Effective A/B Tests on Post-Purchase Upsells

❓ FAQ ❓

πŸ™‹When I have overlapping triggers for upsells, can I unpublish some of them?

Yes, you can publish and unpublish your upsells. That way the remaining upsells with overlapping triggers will be shown as an A/B test.

πŸ™‹How my upsells that are in A/B testing will show to my customers?

Let’s say you have 3 upsells with overlapping triggers. They will be shown at random to every customer. So Upsell #1 will be shown to Customer #1, Upsell #2 to Customer #2, Upsell #3 to Customer #3. Statistically, in time the amount of how many times an upsell is shown will be equalized.

πŸ™‹ Can I have variants to my products that are on the upsell list?

Yes, you can include specific product variants as upsell offers, however, individual variants cannot be used for triggers.

For example - You can select a πŸ‘• that has multiple variants as an upsells trigger, but not a specific color or size.

πŸ™‹ How do I create a discount for an upsell?

You customers cannot enter discount codes on the upsells. However, if you want to make the upsell look more attractive, you can compare the price, which will create the feeling that the upsell offer is at a discounted price.

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