Post-purchase upsells in Checkout X

Upselling is a strategy to increase your Average Order Value (AOV). Checkout X’s post-purchase upsell feature allows you to offer an upsell to customers after they complete their order. This way you increase your AOV without distracting your customer before they purchase. The idea is to persuade shoppers to buy more than they were originally planning by showing the upsell at just the right time.

Since the customer has already added their shipping and payment information, they can buy additional products with one click and get charged automatically.


  • Customer purchases a cool πŸ„ SHARK Surf on checkout

  • An upsell with an exclusive offer of a 🩱 Swimsuit and πŸ‘• T-Shirt appears

  • The shopper has two options: to decline the upsells or to purchase one or all of them. They decide to click on Purchase without the need to add any address or payment information again.

  • Done, you just made an extra sale (or even more possibly)!

πŸ“ Note: Your customer will see the next upsell offer no matter if he clicks the β€œPurchase” or β€œNo, thanks” buttons. That is how they will see all of your upsell products. Learn more about how to create your first upsell πŸ‘‰ here.

How payments work with post-purchase upsells

Using credit card, cash on delivery, or bank transfer as payment methods

Using these payment methods, your customer will have a seamless interaction and can buy your upsell products with one click. This helps increase the post-purchase upsell conversion rate even more since customers don't have to enter their payment information again.

Using Paypal, Sofort, Bancontact, iDeal, Klarna payment methods

Using these payment methods your customer will have two interactions with the PSP (Payment service provider):

  1. Confirm their product

  2. Confirm all the upsells they decided to buy

πŸ“ Note for PayPal: You don’t need your account to be approved for any service like PayPal Reference Transactions or others.

Upsell order transactions

All of the upsells will be wrapped in one transaction with the main order. This means that you will receive a single order in your store for improved fulfillment.

Upsell transaction fails

To prevent your store losing any sales, we've made sure that if for some reason, we’re unable to charge the customer for the upsell, they will still be directed to the Thank you page with their main order, without the risk of the main order being lost.

Upsell product out of stock or unavailable

If we see that your product is out of stock we will not show it to the customer. That way we will prevent unnecessary refunds.

Using Upsells on the Standard (Free) Plan

As you know, Checkout X is free forever plus 1,000 EUR in free credit to try our upsells and see a real boost in your revenue. πŸš€

With this credit, you can reach up to 1,000 EUR in revenue from upsells. If you are satisfied with the results and want to keep using unlimited post-purchase upsells, you can select the right plan for you. Just to clarify - by using Checkout X, your checkout is free forever. The paid plans are just for using the upsells without limitations.

What happens when your upsell credits reach the limit?

The checkout will continue working on your shop, but Checkout X will pause your upsells. All the upsells data will be kept. After you upgrade your plan, your upsells will be visible and published again. Also, you won’t see the section with plans and upsell credits, since the upsells will have unlimited usage. See more information about our pricing πŸ‘‰ here.

Upsell Timer

All upsells have a limited time of 5 minutes in total by default during which your customer can decide to buy or decline an offer. The timer can’t be edited or removed. It is located in the top of the page just above the upsell as a loader.

We’ve implemented this timer due to the limited timeframe that payment providers & gateways support before closing the transaction. It's designed to help you with processing the transactions properly and add urgency to your offer to improve upsell conversion rates.

The time applies to all of your upsells and it is not individual per offer - all 5 minutes apply to all upsells in total. Meaning that if you have 3 post-purchase upsell offers and your customer is on the 2nd offer when the timer expires, the order will be created until the 2nd upsell, and they will be directly transferred to the Thank you page.

⭐ Check out our bonus video tutorial about πŸ‘‰πŸ» How to Create Post-Purchase Upsells that Convert

❓ FAQ ❓

πŸ™‹ What will happen if I am still on the Standard (Free) Plan and I make more than €1.000 worth of Upsells with my WooCommerce store?

If you want to continue using the post-purchase upsells, you will need to upgrade your plan to the Unlimited or Platinum one. Our plans are based on the upsells and not the checkout! Learn more about our pricing πŸ‘‰ here.

πŸ™‹ Can I use other upsell apps?

No, we don't provide integration with other upsell applications. If you use an upsell app before the checkout page, it is possible only to conflict with Checkout X and redirect to the default checkout from your e-commerce platform. Also, other post-purchase apps won't work at all.

πŸ™‹ Does the Facebook Ads Pixel work with Checkout X upsells?

it is not possible for post-purchase upsells to be tracked from the Facebook Pixel or any other tracking pixel. You could read more about the Facebook Ads Pixel integration πŸ‘‰ here.

πŸ™‹ Does Checkout X provide other upsell types?

For now, we provide only post-purchase upsells because we believe that they have the best ability to convince your shoppers to buy extra in your store.

πŸ™‹ Can I have an upsell when the total amount of the primary purchase is "FREE"?

No, it is not possible. The main reason is that for free primary purchases we don’t gather payment information from the user.

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