Setting up an upsell

To create an upsell, first go to:
Checkout X > Upsells > click on Create New Upsell

Upsell Triggers

The upsell trigger is a product that the shopper purchases on checkout. This product triggers a post-purchase upsell to appear. Your triggers can be products or categories. We don’t recommend mixing both trigger types.

To add a trigger product or category, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Add Product or Add Category

  2. Select your product/category. You can also use the search bar to find a specific product/category.

  3. Click Add Products/Add Categories.

Upsell Offer Title

Add a catchy title for your post-purchase upsell. The offer title is mandatory.

Post-Purchase Upsell Offers

Select the products that you want to upsell by creating up to 3 product upsell offers. When the customer adds or discards an upsell, the next product will appear with an offer.

Select a product to upsell by following these steps:

  1. Click on Select a product to upsell

  2. Select your product. You can also use the search bar to find a specific product.

  3. Click Add Product

Change the upsell offer’s order

You can edit the order of your offers in an upsell with a simple drag and drop move. Just click on the left side of the offer’s field and move it up/down.

Edit product variants

You can edit each product variant by selecting/deselecting it or editing its default and discount price.

Summary section

Here you can see the final results of the setup of your post-purchase upsell by checking what products the customer buys and what offers will be shown.

Before you create your upsell, you can click on the switch button in the Published section to publish or unpublish the upsell. Using the switch button, you can pause your post-purchase upsell whenever you want and still be able to save all the setup, so you could turn it back on in the future.

Once you are happy with the upsell creation, you can simply create it.

Then, you can also preview the upsell from the button.

Update or Delete Upsell

Update Upsell

Edit your upsell, then save the new settings with the Update Upsell button located at the bottom right.

Delete Upsell

If you decide you don’t need an upsell, you can simply delete it from the Delete Upsell button located at the bottom left.

Upsell Performance Metrics

Each upsell has its own built-in performance metrics, so you could monitor it in detail based on the period of time that you want to review. You can select the period of time for monitoring from the top right just above the metrics from date to date.

Here is what the individual upsell metrics section includes:

  • Conversion Rate - average percentage of conversions per upsell interaction

  • Times Shown - number of times the upsell was shown to your customers

  • Times Purchased - number of times the upsell was purchased

  • Upsell Revenue - the total amount earned by your upsell

⭐ Check out our bonus video tutorial about 👉🏻 How to Use and Make the Most of Post Purchase Upsells

❓ FAQ ❓

🙋 How do I delete products or categories from my upsell?

Just delete the product by clicking on the Delete button on the right side of the field.

🙋 What will happen if I am still on the Standard (Free) Plan and I make more than €1.000 worth of Upsells with my WooCommerce store?

If you want to continue using the post-purchase upsells, you will need to upgrade your plan to the Unlimited or Platinum one. Our plans are based on the upsells and not the checkout! Learn more about our pricing 👉 here.

🙋 Does the Facebook Ads Pixel work with Checkout X upsells?

it is not possible for post-purchase upsells to be tracked from the Facebook Pixel or any other tracking pixel. You could read more about the Facebook Ads Pixel integration 👉 here.

🙋 Can I have an upsell when the total amount of the primary purchase is "FREE"?

No, it is not possible. The main reason is that for free primary purchases we don’t gather payment information from the user.

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