Checkout X has been quiet for a while. But there’s a reason for that.

When CEO & Founder, Rus built the app in the first place he and the team never expected such rapid growth. After onboarding thousands of merchants who succeeded in making their stores more profitable, we still didn’t feel 100% happy with the product. The team always felt like Checkout X could be improved to drive even better results and add more value.

So, a few months ago, we decided to rebuild our entire core functionality and refactor the checkout & post-purchase upsell experience. Now it’s time to unveil the brand new Checkout X design and architecture that empower your online store to sell faster than ever.

Why fix what already works?

First, let’s explain the reason why Checkout X had to be rebuilt.

There’s a general rule of thumb in software development that your product has to be rewritten and refactored every 3 years. This helps you keep it clean of legacy code that slows down iteration, updated with the latest tech to maximize performance, and simpler to build new and more stable features faster.

  • The checkout design had to be revamped with a more modern style. We wanted to give your checkout a fresh new look to provide online shoppers with a premium buying experience.

  • Since Checkout X came to WooCommerce from Shopify, we saw a lot of new copycats emerging. The new design is also our way of differentiating our product from imitations of our own checkout.

  • We wanted to simplify the checkout design as much as possible for two main reasons: Make it easier for customers to finish orders much faster and to make room for more advanced upselling functionality in the future to let you drive even more extra revenue.

  • The user experience of the post-purchase upsells had to be improved so customers feel more inclined to add more of your products to their orders.

So, we decided that some of the functionality in Checkout X had to go to make way for new and more cutting edge technology. The goal is to make the checkout and upsell flow as high-converting as possible.

We want to keep eliminating all friction to make it even easier for customers to order and for merchants to sell more. All of that is now done with a brand new, improved design that gives your store a contemporary online shopping experience.

Here’s what had to be deprecated and why:

  • The scarcity timer on the checkout page. A widely requested feature by merchants, that we introduced into the checkout. In general, it's proven that scarcity can be a very effective tactic to improve conversion rates in some cases, however, it seemed to backfire in the checkout.

    Our aggregated data across thousands of stores both with the scarcity timer on and off showed some shocking stats. Across the board, stores that don't use the scarcity timer had a much higher conversion rate (10%+ higher). We believe our merchants come to us for great conversion rates and to make decisions for your checkout, to us Data is King. 👑

    Still, we won't stop experimenting to leverage the scarcity principle in your favor in other places, for example the new upsell limited time window.

  • Braintree Payment Gateway. Each gateway we support requires active maintenance. Since Braintree wasn’t popular among merchants using Checkout X, we prefer to invest our development time on building and supporting features that benefit everyone.

  • Criteo Remarketing. The reason we removed Criteo is the same as Braintree. It doesn’t seem to be a popular service among Shopify or WooCommerce merchants, so instead of supporting something that’s not used, we decided to drop all the weight we could and deprecated the integration.

  • Algolia Places (Replaced with Google Maps). Algolia Places is a great product, however, Algolia will stop supporting it soon. This means an alternative is necessary to help your customers finish orders faster with auto-fill for the checkout fields. We're introducing Google Maps Autofill instead.

  • Old architecture and legacy code. The original app was designed for Shopify, but now Checkout X has bigger plans. For that, we had to remove the existing code and rebuild the entire architecture to eliminate limitations and make the platform lighter, more flexible, and easier to expand.

What was the idea behind the new design?

The new design is paired with cutting edge tech in the background that makes the checkout look, feel, and work faster and more intuitive. Every decision we made during the redesign was aimed to improve the customer experience to drive more sales for your online store, and to give you, the merchant, more functionality and flexibility.

  • Mobile-first. Checkout X is designed for mobile, giving it a responsive feel that helps customers finish orders faster across all devices.

  • Adaptable. The new checkout design is simple and minimalistic. It’s made to easily match your brand and enrich your customer experience with a clean, modern feel.

  • Extendable. With the redesign, it will be much easier for us to ideate, iterate, and build the new features we’re planning to give you the most frictionless checkout out there.

  • Intuitive. Clarity for the online shoppers was one of the biggest priorities. With better error handling, clear payments, and intuitive upsells they always understand what they are buying and how much they are paying.

  • Persuasive. Your post-purchase upsells are now presented to shoppers with an improved experience that encourages them to accept your offers and easily add more products to their existing orders.

What’s new in Checkout X?

The new checkout has been designed with the specific needs of Shopify and WooCommerce merchants in mind. We overhauled the entire flow to enable a much faster shopping and payment experience for your customers.

Checkout X had some time to interact with the market and we’re now confident our product can help merchants handle a huge part of their technological obstacles with a single solution and make way for them to focus on business growth and marketing.

New Translation Keys (Action needed!)

Why was it necessary? Since we created the new design, we couldn't be sure that the translations for the checkout fields merchants added are still correct. That’s why we decided to create entirely new translation keys to avoid any chance of mixing up the checkout fields.

Your action is needed here, so if you added custom wording in the Translations tab of your checkout, take a look and refresh your translations to make sure the wording on your fields is correct.

Upsell items will now be included in the original order

Before this update, when a customer bought a post-purchase upsell, Checkout X created a second order right after the original order was made. This was an inconvenience for merchants that we wanted to resolve for a long time. Now, this changes!

The new architecture of Checkout X allowed us to solve the issue and from now on, upsell items will be included in the same original order as the initial product(s).

Why was it necessary?

The main reason is the user experience both for online store owners and their customers.

Most merchants automate their order fulfillment and with the old implementation, it will always result in the upsell items being shipped separately from the original order. Ultimately, this leads to a bad customer experience for our merchants.

It makes sense that your upsell order is shipped in the same package, and with the new implementation this will be much easier for merchants to fulfill on autopilot.

Limited time offer for post-purchase upsells

As you already know, we dropped the scarcity timer on the checkout. However, since we still believe urgency and limited-time offers are great conversion boosters, we’re adding a similar implementation to the new post-purchase upsells.

From now, the post-purchase offers will be valid for 5 minutes from the moment your customers complete and pay their original order. When the upsell is triggered, the countdown timer will be displayed to the shopper with a loading bar underneath the upsell title.

Why did we do it?

The post-purchase upsells are supposed to be limited-time offers. With the new design and better implementation, the limited-time offer timer will provide the last gentle push your customers need to accept the upsell. This will increase your upsell conversion rate and bring in more extra income to your store.

The timer is also connected to the previous new feature. To include the upsell items in the original order, we need to know when a checkout is "final" and if more items are going to be added to the same order or not. So with some clever engineering, the upsell countdown timer allowed us to make it possible to include the products in the original order.

This results in a better experience both for you as a merchant and your customer, as well as positively impacting the average order value and revenue of your store.

Welcome to your new checkout!

Ready to explore the new design of Checkout X? Go to your Configuration tab and hit Customize Checkout to make sure all the settings are correctly configured. Hit Preview Checkout to see your redesigned shopping experience.

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