What is a custom domain?

Now you can easily set up a custom domain for Checkout X. The custom domain on checkout is the first part of your store’s domain name.


Store domain: yourstore.com

This is how the current checkout URL looks like before the domain changes: yourstore.checkout-x.com

This is how the checkout URL will look like when you enable a custom domain: checkout.yourstore.com, where checkout is the custom domain part of your store’s domain.

Why do I need one?

Ensure your ad tracking performance

To accommodate your ad tracker information by supporting the new Apple’s Private Click Measurement framework.

The custom domain feature at Checkout X allows you to integrate with Facebook’s new protocol for measuring checkout events (to be compatible with the new iOS 14 update), and will also improve conversion tracking performance for other ad pixels, in the future.

Increase the shopper’s trust

Some customers could consider redirection to a different URL as a red flag and be hesitant to purchase from your shop. Therefore, from now on the checkout page will remain on the same domain to improve customer trust and potentially increase your checkout conversion rate.

Improve your branding

The final checkout stage is crucial to the entire customer journey. With the new custom domain, you will be able to provide a consistent on-brand shopping experience that will potentially increase checkout conversion rates.

Connect your custom domain in Checkout X

First, you need to select and connect your custom domain name at Checkout X. For this purpose, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Checkout X account and from the main menu go to Configuration > Custom Domain. On the Custom Domain page, you will see the current domain of your page.

  2. Select your preferred custom checkout domain name. Here are examples you could use: “checkout”, “order” or “payment”. This custom domain name will be visible to your customers.

  3. Click on Connect Domain

Open your domain provider and go to your DNS settings

Choose the domain provider that you will use and follow the instructions by selecting one of the guide options below:

Domain Verification at Checkout X

Once you create a DNS CNAME record in your domain provider and submit the domain verification at Checkout X, we will send you an email to notify you if your custom domain is set up successfully.

Important: Please, note that the verification process could take up to 12 hours.

❓ FAQ ❓

🙋 What will happen if I don’t set up a custom domain on the checkout?

Your default checkout page URL will continue looking like this: bestshop.checkout-x.com. However, when Apple rolls out the new iOS 14 update in spring 2021, you won’t be able to track store conversions properly through the Facebook Ad Pixel for Apple iPhone users. That’s why the custom domain part is essential in this case and we strongly recommend you set up yours as soon as possible.

🙋 Do I need to update my Facebook Ads Pixel settings?

Yes, once your custom domain is verified, you need to make sure it is well configured with your Facebook Pixel. Find the instructions on how to do this in 👉🏻 our guide.

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