How to install Checkout X in WooCommerce?

Download the plugin from WordPress for free and install it in your WooCommerce store like any other plugin. Once you install your plugin in WooCommerce you can also follow the instructions there.

Alternatively, go to your WordPress admin and open your Plugins menu.

  1. Click “Add New”

  2. Search for Checkout X in the search bar

  3. Click “Install Now”

  4. Navigate to Installed Plugins and find your new Checkout X plugin

  5. Click “Activate” to enable Checkout X for your WooCommerce store

Congratulations! 🎉 Checkout X is now installed and active on your WooCommerce store. Time to configure the payment details, customize your design, and publish your new checkout!

How to connect Checkout X to WooCommerce?

First, create an account at Checkout X. You will have to select how you prefer to connect Checkout X with your store.

Connect Checkout X by yourself

Connecting Checkout X by yourself is the fastest way to benefit from the app. It’s actually quite easy, just follow these steps!👇👇👇

Once you create your account, you will see two options. Select Connect with WooCommerce. Then, add the domain of your store here and click Connect Checkout X.

Helpful tip: If you’re unable to connect your WooCommerce store with Checkout X, you probably lack an SSL certificate for your website. Configure an SSL certificate to continue the setup and ensure a secure checkout experience!

Info: You’ll also be able to add and manage multiple online stores with your Checkout X account.

Note: Only admins and super admins can install plugins in WordPress. If your account doesn’t have an admin role you will not be able to install Checkout X and this screen that notifies you lack the necessary permissions.

The next step is to approve your connection and give Checkout X access to your WooCommerce store.

Info: Checkout X needs this access to update your products, orders, customers, coupons, and more once shoppers begin completing checkouts.

How to configure Checkout X in WooCommerce

Now that you’ve reached this step it means you’ve successfully connected your Checkout X account with your WooCommerce online store! Now all that’s left is to complete the 5 basic steps you see here and you’ll be ready to start growing.

1. Add Checkout X plugin to your store.

This is in case you have missed the first part of this tutorial and still haven’t installed your plugin. Clicking the Add button will lead you to this section where you’ll be able to open the plugin in WordPress and watch a quick video tutorial.

2. Add Shipping Rates on your checkout.

Your Shipping Rates in WooCommerce will be automatically added into Checkout X. If this is the case, you only need to confirm everything is correct.

If you’re using 3rd party shipping extensions and dynamic shipping rates, you will need to update them manually here. It’s easy!

  1. Click on Add A Shipping Rate to create a new one.

  2. Enter the Shipping Rate name you want to display on the checkout page

  3. Enter the Shipping price you want to apply (If you put the price at 0, a "Free" label will be displayed instead)

  4. If you want to, you could also add min/max cart subtotal amount

  5. If you want to, you could also add min/max cart weight amount

  6. Select the Shipping Countries you want to make available in this shipping option

  7. Click on Save Shipping Rate

Important: Once you set up your shipping rates and taxes in Checkout X you shouldn’t modify them from your WooCommerce settings or related plugins anymore. All your future changes should be performed in Checkout X.

More about how the shipping rates work can be found in this article.

Hint: If you need more shipping rates, just tap on the “Add a shipping rate” button and configure a new one. You can always add new shipping rates or edit existing ones after your checkout is published.

3. Add Payment Methods to your checkout

Checkout X supports the most popular payment methods and even more. As long as you have your account with a payment provider, adding them into your Checkout X dashboard happens in a few clicks.

  1. Open the payment method dropdown

  2. Select your preferred payment provider

  3. Enter your account details

  4. Follow the additional instructions for each payment provider

  5. Save your new Payment Method

Repeat the same steps for all the payment providers you use in your WooCommerce store.

For more information, check our Billing collection help articles.

Info: You can always add or remove your payment methods after you publish your checkout.

4. Add your billing details to begin your 14 days free trial

To start using Checkout X you will need to add your billing information and subscribe. This will begin your 14 day free trial so you can publish your checkout and start selling.

What happens during your 14 day trial?

You will not be charged anything apart from the transaction fees, based on the plan you subscribe for.

What happens when the trial ends?

After the 14th day, your account will start to get charged according to the Checkout X plan you subscribed for.

To subscribe for Checkout X, just select your preferred plan and enter your billing details.

Standard: Recommended for stores with less than €31,500 monthly revenue

Premium: Recommended for stores with more than €31,500 monthly revenue

Find out which plan is suitable for you based on your revenue using our calculator here!

You can understand more about our billing and the different ways you can pay in your Billing collection articles.

5. Preview and publish your checkout

Once ready you can publish your new checkout. Preview your checkout and make any changes you’d like from the Customise Checkout button.

How to revert back to the WooCommerce checkout?

Simply go to your Checkout X dashboard > Configuration > Store connection and click Unpublish Checkout X.

You have plenty of control over each part of your checkout experience.

  1. Select your currency format

  2. Add your branding & colors

  3. Add your privacy & terms of service URLs

  4. Setup your phone number preferences

  5. Enable or disable your scarcity timer

  6. Add or remove the discount code field on mobile

  7. Click Save Checkout to publish your changes

Request an expert to connect Checkout X

We fully understand if you don’t want to connect your store manually. We will send you a request to give us access to your WooCommerce store so we can do all the work. Simply reach out to us through the live chat at the bottom right of our website or inside the Checkout X dashboard.

Note: Make sure that you are granting our experts full access so they can connect Checkout X with your store effortlessly.

Info: It takes up to 72h for us to set up your store, but it usually happens within the first 12h.


🙋When I add my domain, I get an error message saying that my store is not a WooCommerce one. Why?

Make sure that your permalink settings are well configured from your WordPress Admin Panel > Settings > Permalinks > choose the Post Name option.

🙋Can I have multiple accounts?

You can have as many accounts as you want using a different email address. But good practice is to keep only one Checkout X account and connect all of your stores there. Also, you will be charged per number of stores, not the number of accounts.

🙋Can I delete my account?

There is no necessity in deleting your account. If you want to stop using Checkout X, just unsubscribe.

Important: Removing your connection from your WooCommerce store won’t cancel your Checkout X subscription plan. You will need to unsubscribe manually from your Checkout X account’s dashboard.

If you want to remove your Checkout X from a specific store you can follow our guide on how to remove Checkout X.

🙋Can I change my email address?

You can request this from our support, who will be happy to help, but at this point, you cannot do it manually.

🙋 What if I already have another checkout installed? Or Upsell plugins?

You need to know that other checkout or upsell plugins might only conflict with Checkout X in the code of your store. To make sure that Checkout X works properly, please remove these types of plugins.

🙋 What will happen with the current data that I have?

Since Checkout X is a newly installed plugin in your WooCommerce store, it will start counting your checkout and transaction data from 0. You can measure and track your results & data on the Checkout X dashboard.

🙋 What happens if Checkout X updates to a new version? Do I need the newest WordPress & WooCommerce versions?

Checkout X is like any other WordPress & WooCommerce plugin that gets regular updates. Since performance is key to us, we adapt the technology behind Checkout X to take full advantage of the latest versions of PHP, WordPress, and WooCommerce. Keep an eye on the update details to make sure your Checkout X plugin is running all the newest features.

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