On the 2nd of December 2020, Shopify announced changes to their API Terms of Service, which came into effect on January 1st, 2021.

In a nutshell, Shopify is restricting new public & private app installations that are intended to alter the default Shopify Checkout.

We believe these changes are aimed directly at Checkout X & similar apps and effectively forbid new installations of our application within the Shopify ecosystem.

How does this apply to existing Shopify installations of Checkout X?

Shopify has assured us that they won't prevent any existing merchants from using the app. If you have Checkout X installed on your Shopify store, you can continue using it in the future.

Shopify representatives may reach out to you and advise you to switch back to the default Shopify checkout. Do that if you feel it's best for your business, but they shouldn't be forcing you to do so.

How does this apply to new Shopify installations of Checkout X?

We would never advise our customers to breach their service contract with any other company, therefore we will not be allowing any new Shopify installations of Checkout X after December 31st, 2020.

What's next?

We'll continue supporting any existing Shopify installations and keep innovating on our core checkout technology.

If you wish to use Checkout X on a Shopify store, make sure the application is installed, before the end of the year.

We completely understand Shopify's motives for the change, but it's our belief that it's a lose, lose, lose situation. For Shopify, Checkout X, and most importantly the Merchants.

Checkout X will continue its development on WooCommerce and other platforms. Thanks to you, our customers, we're more determined than ever to create a truly frictionless checkout!

Wish you Happy Holidays 🎄 !

Ruslan Leteyski

Founder & CEO @ Checkout X

Update: December 10th, 2020
In a private exchange, Shopify representatives have confirmed that they won't prevent any existing merchants from using Checkout X in the future, but they will be working against any new installations.

Read the full Shopify update:

The important changes regarding Checkout X are the following:

  • "Clarification that custom and private applications are intended for individual merchant use only (including all stores owned by a single merchant). Distribution of apps to multiple merchants is only permitted for public apps."

  • "Unauthorized use of an alternative to Shopify Checkout is not permitted for all apps."

  • "In order to maintain a secure and performant user experience, unauthorized interference with any Shopify feature related to Shopify Checkout is also not permitted."

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