What is an automatic discount?

An automatic discount is one that is applied on the checkout... automatically! 🧙

The customer won’t need to add the discount manually in the field. You can create an automatic discount directly from the Checkout X app.

Advantages of creating an automatic discount in Checkout X:

  • Create promotions and apply them automatically on checkout without the need for coupons

  • Save the hassle of the customers to add the discount codes manually

How do Checkout X automatic discounts compare to the Shopify ones?

Checkout X supports all types of automatic discounts - “Buy X get Y”, “Percentage”, “Fixed amount” and even an “Automatic Free Shipping” discount! We also improved our discounts just a little bit, so you could make the most of them on your checkout.

Types of automatic discounts in Checkout X

Buy X get Y discount

The customer adds to the cart a product, then if he adds another specific product to the cart, he will take advantage of a discount on the second item. You could choose the discounted value to be “Free” or a “percentage discount”. Also, you could set a maximum number of uses per order.

Example: Buy 2 pairs of jeans and get 1 free t-shirt.

Percentage discount

A discount with a percentage value will be automatically applied to the entire order or only to a specific product/collection on checkout.

Example: Set a “20% discount on all t-shirts today”, then the discount will be applied on all t-shirts automatically.

Fixed Amount discount

A discount with a fixed amount will be automatically applied to the entire order or only to a specific product/collection on checkout.

Example: Set a 10€ discount to a t-shirt, then the discount will automatically change the price of the t-shirt on the checkout page.

Automatic Free Shipping discount

A discount that will be applied to the shipping costs field on the checkout page. This way you could set up a minimum amount/quantity reached in the cart and based on these criteria to make the discount apply automatically.

Example: Provide free shipping on checkout for orders over 50 bucks.

❓ FAQ ❓

🙋 Will other discounts work when applied to the checkout?

You can apply other discounts on top of the automatic one on the checkout page. Once you apply another discount, the automatic one will be removed. Then, if you want to revert the automatic discount, you just need to delete the other one.

🙋 How many automatic discounts can I create?

You can create as many automatic discounts as you want to!

🙋 How many automatic discounts could be applied simultaneously on the checkout?

If more than 1 discount has been created with the same parameters (same product that it is applied to), then the discount with the biggest value for the customer will be applied on the checkout page.

🙋 Will automatic discounts created on my e-commerce platform work on the checkout?

No, you need to create your automatic discounts only through the Checkout X app.

🙋 How do Checkout X automatic discounts affect taxes?

Discount codes are applied to the product price before tax is calculated. Learn how to set up your taxes in Checkout X by following our guide.

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