How does it work?

Create a discount that will be applied to the shipping price on checkout and that could be added automatically. The discount could be added based on the minimum amount or quantity reached in the cart. You could also exclude shipping costs over a certain amount.

Example: Add an automatic free shipping discount to all orders over 50€.

How can I set up this discount?

Structure of the discount setup:

  • Discount title field - where you add the actual discount code which will be visible for the customers

  • Active dates field - the start/end date and time when the discount will be available to be used

  • Discount type section - select if you want to create a “Buy X get Y”, “Percentage”, “Fixed amount” or a “Free Shipping” discount.

  • Discount setup section - add the values or the triggered products

  • Discount applies on section - choose if you want to apply the discount on the entire order or only to a specific product/collection

  • Summary section - shows you how your discount will look like and work once created in Checkout X.

  • Performance - shows you how many people used the discount

Log in to your Checkout X account, then follow these steps:

1. Go to Automatic discounts.

2. Select Create new discount.

3. Add your Discount title. Keep in mind that the customers will see this title at your checkout.

Optional step: Set maximum discount usage. This way, there will be a limited number of people that could be able to use the discount. When the number of users reaches the limit, the discount will disable automatically.

4. Add a starting/ending date and time

5. Choose “Free shipping” discount type

6. Choose the discount application criteria

  • None - the discount will be always applied on checkout

  • Minimum amount reached in cart - once a certain product amount reaches the cart, the discount will be applied automatically

  • Minimum quantity reached in cart - once a certain product quantity reaches the cart, the discount will be applied automatically

Optional step: Exclude shipping rates over a certain amount. If you want to exclude specific shipping options from the promotion, choose this option and the automatic discount won’t be applied after that.

7. Once you set up your discount, don’t forget to click Create Discount.

Summary section

This section summarizes the information about the setup of your discount. It contains the following fields:

  • Discount type

  • Discount setup

  • Excluding shipping rate over a certain amount (if the option has been chosen)

  • Active dates

  • Performance

❓ FAQ ❓

🙋 How many free shipping discounts can I create?

You can create as many as you want to!

🙋 If I have more than 1 automatic discount, which one will appear on the checkout?

If two automatic discounts are applicable, the one with the best value for the customer will be activated on the checkout page.

🙋 Will the discount work if I already have a free shipping option created in the app?

No, the Free Shipping automatic discount won’t work if you have a free shipping option in the Checkout X app. Please, make sure that the free shipping option is already deleted by going to the Checkout X app > Configuration > Shipping Options.

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