Increase the conversion rate of your store with Checkout X! The application multiplies your profits by introducing a better-converting, mobile-ready checkout process, seamless payments, post-purchase upsells, and much more.

When you connect Checkout X with your store you will be presented with 5 steps that will help you set up your checkout and make it live for your customers:

  1. Add Checkout X on your store’s theme

  2. Confirm Shipping Rates on your checkout

  3. Add Payment Methods to your checkout

  4. Add your billing details to begin 14 days free trial

  5. Preview and publish your checkout

Add Checkout X on your store’s theme

Once you are done with setting up the permissions between your store and Checkout X, a small piece of code has to be injected into your ecommerce platform theme and you don’t have to do it manually. Just click on the “Add” button on the first step and a confirmation message will appear that the operation is completed.

If for some reason you don’t receive the confirmation that Checkout X has been installed, you can refresh the page and check again. If the green checkmark is still not displayed, please check the “Troubleshooting publishing Checkout X” help article.

Shipping rates

Checkout X will import your existing shipping rates from your store so you can just confirm them. However, if you are using dynamic shipping rates and other shipping rate applications like UPS you will need to add your rates manually to Checkout X. Any updates or changes on a shipping rate inside your Shopify store won’t be updated inside Checkout X automatically. Once you install Checkout X, you need to update your shipping rates only in the app.

More about how the shipping rates work can be found in this article.

Hint: If you need more shipping rates, just tap on the “Add a shipping rate” button and configure a new one.

You can always add new shipping rates or modify them after you publish your checkout. Also, to continue setting up the Checkout X app after confirming the shipping rates, just return back to the dashboard from the menu above.

Add Payment Methods to your checkout

Adding a payment method has been made super easy for you especially if you already have an account with one of the payment providers we do support.

With Checkout X you can use your current payment method or select a new one so your customers can choose how they want to pay you! For more information, check our Billing collection help articles.

You can always add or remove a payment method once you publish your checkout.

Subscribing to Checkout X

To start using Checkout X you will need to subscribe. After subscription, you will get 14 days free trial. You can find out more about our billings by reading our Billing guide.

Publishing Checkout X

Publish your checkout when you are ready. By publishing it you will make your checkout live for your customers. We suggest you publish it when you have customized it and you think you are ready. But don’t worry because if you want to do some tests on your checkout you can hide it by unpublishing it later on.

Hint: If you need to make more changes you can click on the “Customize Checkout” button.

❓ FAQ ❓

🙋 What to do after I set up my checkout?

Checkout X gives you a lot more when it comes to conversion optimization so feel free to check our guides on upsells. You could also add cart abandonment flow in our application following our article. For more information, check out our articles about the features and integrations that Checkout X provides.

Note: Here is how the Checkout X dashboard will look like after you finish all of the steps. For more detailed information about the dashboard metrics, check our article.

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