How does it work?

You can integrate Pinterest Ads Tag with Checkout X to increase brand engagement. The Pinterest Tag allows you to measure how effectively your ads send traffic to your website. You can use the tag to:

  • Keep track of conversions - see what people do on your site after engaging with your Promoted Pins.

  • Measure campaign performance - get the data you need to evaluate campaign success, including return on ad spend.

  • Build new audiences - find people who have visited a specific page or taken a desired action on your website, and build a customer list for your next campaign.

How can I set up the integration?

Set up the Tag in Pinterest Ads

Create or log in to your Pinterest Ads Tag account, then follow these steps:

  1. Go to Ads.

  2. Select Conversions.

  3. In the Manage Pinterest Tag section click on Install the Tag. You will see your Tag ID in the pop-up window.

Connect the Pinterest Ads Tag to your ecommerce platform

This step is optional.

  1. From the same pop-up window choose Add code using a Partner Integration.

  2. Select your ecommerce platform and log in to it.

  3. Go back to the Pinterest Ads account and click on Continue. Then, follow the steps to install the Pinterest application in your store.

Connect the Pinterest Ads Tag to Checkout X

Checkout X will track the CHECKOUT event on successful purchase with value. Also, it will track the information about order quantity and currency parameters.

Follow these steps to add the Pinterest Ads Tag to the application:

  1. Go to Checkout X > Configuration > Integrations.

  2. Find Pinterest Ads Tag.

  3. Copy and add your Tag ID from Pinterest Ads

  4. Don’t forget to click Save Integrations.

  5. Done!

Verifying your checkout Pinterest Ads Tag

This step is optional.

To verify your Pinterest Ads Tag is active on the checkout page, you could install the Pinterest Tag Helper browser extension from here. Then, go to the checkout page on your store, click on the extension icon, and make sure that your Pinterest Tag is displayed in the Helper.

❓ FAQ ❓

πŸ™‹ I experience a problem with the integration, who should I contact?

For more accurate information, please visit the Pinterest Help Center and contact their Support Team there.

Yes, you can.

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