How does it work?

Weglot turns your checkout into a multilingual website, within minutes. Check their website for more information and features.

Weglot simply adds a language switcher button on your checkout and lets you translate your content without any coding 👇

Setting up Weglot in Checkout X

To set up Weglot with Checkout X

  • Go to Configuration > Integrations > Weglot

  • Click on the down arrow

  • Enter your Weglot API Key

  • Click on Save Integrations

  • And Weglot integration becomes Active

  • You are done! 👇

Now, go to your checkout and see it in action

Getting your Weglot API Key

  • If you have not already, simply create a Weglot account here 👈

  • Login to your Weglot account

  • Create your project by providing a Project Name

  • Select Other as your Website Technology

  • Click Next

  • Scroll down to the bottom of Step 1 of Setup section

  • Click on the Use Javascript integration text link

  • Select the Original Language of your website

  • Select the language(s) you want to translate it into

  • Click Next

  • You will be displayed the Weglot snippet which includes the Weglot API Key


  • Copy the Weglot API Key. You will use this key to integrate Weglot with Checkout X 👇

Finding your API Key for existing Weglot users

If you already have a Weglot account and you are using it on your existing store, you will simply need to use the same API Key to integrate it with Checkout X.

  • Login to your Weglot account

  • Go to Settings > Setup page

  • You will see your Weglot API Key in the Setup section 👇

❓ FAQ ❓

🙋 How many languages are available with Weglot?

You can find a list of available languages with Weglot from here 👈

🙋 How much does it cost to use Weglot with Checkout X

Checkout X does not charge you anything. You only pay Weglot to use their service based on your needs. You can check their pricing from their website.

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