Checkout X is not published automatically

I have Checkout X installed on my store but I don't know how to activate it!

Once you install Checkout X yourself or you receive a confirmation message of successful installation of Checkout X on your store from one of our experts, please follow the steps below or you can watch a short video we have prepared for you to get started with Checkout X.

  • Login to your Checkout X account

  • Go to your store’s dashboard

  • You should see that Step 1 is already completed for you. If not, please try to refresh your page and confirm that you see the green checkmark 👇

Step 1
  • Click the Confirm button on Step 2 and add your shipping rates.

  • When you add all your shipping rates, click on the Confirm Shipping Rates button

  • Return back to your Dashboard 👇

Step 2
Step 3
  • Click the Add button on Step 4

  • Select your plan and provide your billing details 👈

  • Click the Save Details button

  • Return back to your Dashboard 👇

Step 4
  • Click the Preview & Publish button

  • and finally, click on the Publish Checkout button to complete publishing your checkout

Returning back to your store’s dashboard, you will be able to see the metrics of your checkout 👇

Last Step

I did install Checkout X but it is still not published on my store

⚠️ Please make sure you have checked out all five steps to get started with Checkout X on your Dashboard.

  1. Is Add Checkout X on your store’s theme checked? ✔️

  2. Is Confirm Shipping Rates on your checkout checked? ✔️

  3. Is Add Payment Methods to your checkout checked? ✔️

  4. Is Add your billing details to begin the 14 days free trial checked? ✔️

  5. Is Preview and publish your checkout checked? ✔️

I get a “We couldn’t add Checkout X on your store. Try adding it manually” error message on Step 1. How can I do this?

Sometimes, we may not be able to add Checkout X on your store’s theme automatically and this needs to be done manually 👇

To add your script manually, first, you need to get the Javascript that is specific to your store.

  • Go to the Configuration screen

  • Click on the Configuration Information button

  • Click on the Checkout’s X script section and reveal the script you will need

  • Select and Copy the script by <CTRL-C> 👇

Once you copied the script, you need to insert it into your store’s theme manually

  • Go to your store’s admin area

  • Go to the Theme area

  • Click on the Edit Code

  • Open the theme. liquid file

  • The script should be inserted just before the </head> tag.

  • Search for the </head> tag and insert your script just it

This should complete the Step1 of your list 👇

Do you need to activate it from your end?

No, you don’t need to wait for activation. Once your Checkout X application is installed on your store, you just need to complete the five simple steps on your Checkout X Dashboard and you are ready to go.

I have completed all the steps to get started but the “Buy Now” button still does not take me to the checkout page.

⚠️ Please note that this instruction is for more advanced users who are comfortable with updating their theme files manually. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Liquid is required.

In some rare cases, there might be other applications you have installed previously that are overriding these buttons.

In these cases, you can try to troubleshoot the buttons by adding “checkout-x-buy-now-btn” class name to the button and it should be fixed.

  • Go to your store’s admin area

  • Go to the Theme area

  • Click on the Actions menu

  • Click on the Edit Code

  • Open the product-template. liquid file

  • Find the Buy It Now button location in the file.

  • Insert the checkout-x-buy-now-btn class name

  • And save your file 👇

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