What is this field used for and why do I need it outside the shopping card?

This field is displayed only once on the desktop version of the checkout. However, on mobile, the fields are better to be visible outside of the cart because the customers need to click on the “Show order summary” field to see the discount code in it. By adding a second discount field on mobile, you help the customers add their discount code easily on the checkout.

If you need more detailed information about the discounts, please check our article about “Setting up your Discounts”.

👍 Your checkout with the discount field 👎 Your checkout without the discount field

How can I add/remove the discount code field outside the shopping card on mobile?

  1. Login to your Checkout X account

  2. Click on Configuration.

  3. Go to Customizations.

  4. Scroll down and find the Display discount code field outside the shopping card on mobile.

  5. Check the box if you want to add the field to the checkout on mobile.

  6. Don’t forget to click Save Checkout.

  7. Done!

❓ FAQ ❓

🙋 Can I change the position of the discount field?

No, it will be always displayed above the store logo and security badges on the checkout page.

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