Why do I need the Checkout X logo and "Powered by Checkout X" field?

This is another way to ensure your customers that your checkout page is safe, so they could finalize their purchase successfully. This information will be displayed on the bottom-right corner of the checkout page.

How can I add/remove the "Powered by Checkout X" field?

  1. Login to your Checkout X account

  2. Click on Configuration.

  3. Go to Customizations.

  4. Scroll down and find Display the Checkout X logo and Powered by Checkout X.

  5. Check the box if you want to add the field to the checkout.

  6. Don’t forget to click Save Checkout.

  7. Done!

❓ FAQ ❓

πŸ™‹ Will this field be displayed on other pages?

No, it will be displayed only on the checkout page.

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