What is the “Thank you page content” and what is it used for?

This feature provides you with the opportunity to add important information about the order after a successful purchase has been made through the Checkout X page. You could also add vouchers with exclusive discounts for the customers. Before you edit your “Thank you page”, you will already have a basic default one after the checkout. Check out the default “Thank you page” below 👇

How can I customize my “Thank you page”?

At this point, you’ll need to be familiar with HTML to add your content properly on the page. If you struggle with writing code, we recommend you use an HTML generator like this one and copy the code of your content from there: https://html-online.com/editor/.

  1. Login to your Checkout X account

  2. Click on Configuration.

  3. Go to Customize Checkout.

  4. Scroll down to the end of the page to find the Thank you page.

  5. Add some basic HTML content in the field.

  6. Don’t forget to click Save Checkout

  7. Then, you can check it from the Preview Thank you page.

Using variables:

You could use the variables to show the following information on your “Thank you page”:

  • {total_amount} - to show the total amount of the already made order

  • {total_amount_with_upsells} - to show the total amount of the already made order with the upsells

  • {checkout_id} - the identification number of the checkout session

  • {email} - to show the email of the customer

  • {first_name} - to display the first name of the customer

  • {last_name} - to display the last name of the customer

Custom thank you page example

Note: Here you could check the code for this example. You can copy the code and edit it replacing the information with your original content:
Code URL

❓ FAQ ❓

🙋 Can I use the “Thank you page” from my e-commerce platform or another app?

No, this is not possible. You could use only the “Thank you page” from Checkout X.

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