How to connect Checkout X?

In Shopify there are 3 types of apps which you can add to your store:

  1. Public app - apps that are installed from the Shopify App store
  2. Custom app - apps that are not listed in the Shopify App store
  3. Private app - apps that are built specifically for you or tailored to your needs.

Checkout X connects with your store using a private app. Connecting can be a bit harder sometimes when doing it by yourself so we have the option to request an expert to connect Checkout X. If you want to find out more about why we use Private Apps for Shopify, check out this video:

A new member

In order to connect Checkout X, you will need to create an account from and select the how do you prefer to connect Checkout X with your store.

  • Connect Checkout X by yourself
  • Request an expert to connect Checkout X

Connect Checkout X by yourself

Connecting Checkout X by yourself is the fastest way to benefit from our services. You can follow these steps:👇👇👇

1. Click on the “Connect manually” button, input your Shopify domain and then click “Continue to the next step”.

2. Tap on “Open Shopify to create a private app” button and you will get redirected to your Shopify dashboard in order to create a new private app.

Important: You are still able to add any private application in Shopify. You just need to follow the steps to turn this option "On" again. Checkout X complies with the Shopify's TOS regarding the private applications, as stated:

"not use an alternative to Shopify Checkout for web checkout or payment processing, or register any transactions through the Shopify API, without Shopify’s express written authorization. This Section 2.3.18 only applies to Public Applications."

Also, Checkout X assures you that complies with all GDPR and we guarantee the data safety of our customers.

To create a new private app, you need to:

  • Click on "Enable private app development"
  • Select all of the fields to enable the private app development
  • Click on "Create private app"

3. After you've successfully enabled the private app development, follow the steps on screen and set up all the permission as stated in your Checkout account, then save it.

4. Now that the private app has been created, copy and paste the API Key, Password, and Shared Secret into the Checkout X form your private app in Shopify

There are a few cases where this process can fail:

  1. Wrong API keys – Make sure that you are copy/pasting the API keys from Shopify once the private app has been created and NOT from other services like Stripe or PayPal.
  2. Wrong permission access – You need to be sure that all the permissions are set up as stated on the Checkout X permission screen. You can just use the search function and copy/paste the permission name just to be sure you don’t skip anything. No worries, if you make a mistake our system will warn you.
  3. Storefront API – Make sure that this option is unchecked as it is on the picture below. 👇👇👇

Request an expert to connect Checkout X

We fully understand if you don’t want to connect your store manually, we will send you a request to give us access to your Shopify store so we can do all the work.

Note: Make sure that you are granting our expert with full access so he can connect Checkout X using the private app method!

It takes up to 72h for us to set up your store.

How to reconnect Checkout X?

In order to reconnect Checkout X, you will have to access your account from

How to reconnect my store

Once you are signed in you can go to the upper right corner of the screen and select the shop you wish to reconnect. If you need to add a new store, just click on the “Add a new store” option.

After you select the store, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Reconnect” button
  2. Select the “Connect manually” option
  3. Proceed with the Permissions access in Shopify and follow the steps on screen as you did when you have added the store for the first time. For more info check the “Connect Checkout X by yourself” section above

I already have the Checkout X private app installed

If you still have the Checkout X private app installed on your Shopify store, you will just have to reconnect it from and there is no need to set up the permissions again, you only need to input the following:

  • Generated API key from Shopify
  • Generated Password from Shopify
  • Generated Shared secret from Shopify

How can you do it for me

If you don’t want to do it manually, just tap on the “Request an expert” option and the system will automatically send a request to our Customer Support department. Once we receive it we will ask you to give us access to your Shopify store so we can complete the process.

Please remember that it may take up to 72h for us to respond or set up your store.


🙋Can I have multiple accounts?

You can have as many accounts as you want using a different email. But good practice is to keep only one Checkout X account and connect all of your stores there

🙋Can I delete my account?

There is no necessity in deleting your account. If you want to stop using Checkout X just log out. If you want to remove your Checkout X from a specific store you can follow our guide on how to remove Checkout X.

🙋Can I change my email address?

At this point, you cannot change your email address from your end but you can contact Checkout X support and we can do it for you.

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