What is Stripe?

Stripe is one of the most popular payment service providers in the world and the most popular one on Checkout X. Around 90% of merchants on our platform are using it.

Stripe allows you to accept Credit Card payments from all around the world, local payment methods like iDeal, Sofort, Przelewy24 & Bancontact. For more information visit: https://stripe.com/

How does it work?

💳 In-page implementation

Our Stripe CC integration allows you to load the credit card fields inside the checkout page for a frictionless experience.

The Credit Card fields are loaded directly from Stripe’s servers ensuring a secure connection between Stripe and the Customer. ( Checkout X doesn’t handle any card details )

🔒 3DS Secure

The Stripe CC integration leverages Stripe’s 3DS Engine by default, which means that all payments are compliant with European Directives.

The 3DS Secure screen is shown only when requested by the bank of the customer and it doesn’t bring any extra payment fees.

👆 One-click upsells

When using Stripe, you can offer one-click post-purchase upsells. To learn more about them, visit this guide 👈

How to connect your Stripe account?

1 - Locate your API keys inside the Stripe Console

To connect your Stripe account, we’ll need API Keys.

To find your API keys:

  1. Log in your Stripe console

  2. Click on Developers in the menu on the left

  3. Click on API Keys

⚠️ Important: Make sure you are viewing your live API keys in order to accept real credit cards. Use test keys only if you want to play around on the checkout.

✅ Viewing live keys - can accept real credit cards

⚠️ Viewing test keys - only for test cards

2 - Add a new Payment Method on Checkout X

Next, you need to Add a Payment method in Checkout X:

  1. Go to Configuration > Payment Methods

  2. Click on Add a Payment Method

  3. Select Stripe - Credit Card

3 - Add your API Keys

The last thing you need to do is to copy/paste your Stripe API keys inside the Checkout X App:

  1. Copy your Publishable Key from Stripe and paste it in Checkout X

  2. Copy your Secret Key from Stripe and paste it in Checkout X

  3. Scroll down and Save Payment Method

⚠️ Possible error: If you get an error message, stating that your “Public key is invalid” or “Private key is invalid”, please make sure you copied and pasted the correct values.

Additional options

While adding the payment method on Checkout X, you’re also able to configure a couple of additional options:

Credit Card Logos

The credit card logos option allows you to display which CC brands are accepted on your checkout.

👍 Your checkout with Credit Card logos selected

👎 Your checkout without Credit Card logos selected

We recommend that you select the logos that your customers might be using, to avoid unnecessary confusion.

⚠️ Important: This setting is purely for cosmetic purposes. To control which credit card brands are accepted, visit your Stripe Console.

Custom transaction description

An example of a Credit Card transaction in Revolut, with “Mantastyle Shop” being the transaction description.

Each Credit Card transaction has a “Description” field which the customer can see when they open their internet banking account. This description is set by Stripe, but you can override it by adding a Custom transaction description.

The custom transaction description has a maximum limit of 20 symbols.

❓ FAQ ❓

🙋‍♀️ Why do I have payments with “Incomplete” and “Cancelled” status in my Stripe Console?

These statuses are nothing to worry about, it all comes down to how our technical integration works with Stripe and the fact that we use Payment Intents ( which is the recommended approach ). We pass more information to Stripe than other platforms, including information about incompleted checkouts.

To read more about the topic, please check this article: Understanding "Incomplete" and Cancelled payments in Stripe 👈

🙋‍♀️ Why am I getting a “There’s been a problem with loading Stripe” error?

If you get this error on the checkout page it means that your Stripe API keys are invalid.

It could be because they were invalided by you, your Stripe account is suspended or you just added the wrong keys in the first place.

In any case, the remedy is to repeat the steps above and re-add your Stripe API keys.

🙋‍♀️ Do I need to have a Stripe account?

Yes, you need to create your Stripe account on your own -> you can do it from Stripe.com

🙋‍♀️ Do I need to have a company?

Normally, Stripe allows individuals to accept payments without a company, but for an up to date information, please visit Stripe.com

🙋‍♀️ In which countries is Stripe available?

Find the list with all of the available countries here. For more accurate information about the other payment options that Stripe provides and the countries they are available at, please check the information below:

🙋‍♀️ Stripe is not available in my country. How to get an account?

We can’t create an account for you. Your best option is to find another Payment Provider that operates in your country.

You can also check the Payment Processing Ninjas Facebook Group for ideas on how to get a Stripe account from abroad.

🙋‍♀️ My Stripe account got suspended. What to do?

Contact Stripe and resolve the situation with them. We can’t help in any way. 🙁

🙋‍♀️ Do I need to pay additional fees to Checkout X?

Checkout X transaction fees are charged separately from your Stripe fees. For more information visit our guide on billing here 👈

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