Checkout X gives you several options to choose from for setting an abandonment cart. One of them is our own cart abandonment builder. But the most popular and used one for this purpose is Mailchimp.

Using Mailchimp gives you access to creating advanced email funnels, detailed metrics on your emails performance and a powerful visual editor which is drag and drop for creating quick email designs and the look and feel of your emails. Find out more of Mailchimp’s benefits by checking out their page.

How Checkout X’s Mailchimp integration works

Checkout X works on top of your Mailchimp <> Shopify connection.
If you haven't connected Mailchimp to your Shopify store already, you can use the ShopSync application. Click here to read more

Sending cart abandonment email.
When a customer enters his email address on your checkout and abandons it without buying anything from you, Checkout X will save the email and give it to Mailchimp, so that the automatic cart abandonment email from Mailchimp can be sent.

The automatic abandonment cart email will be sent to your Mailchimp Queue in 15 mins after the cart abandonment action is triggered.

Checkout X works with automatic cart abandonment emails, which you can set up in Mailchimp.

Cart Recovery Metrics
You need to know that when using a 3rd party integration like Mailchimp with Checkout X your cart abandonment metrics and emails will appear in Mailchimp, not Checkout X!

1.Creating a cart abandonment campaign in Mailchimp

I have a cart abandonment campaign in Mailchimp and I use it in Shopify.
If you already set up a campaign in Mailchimp and use it in Shopify, you can skip this step and go to the next section, finding out how to connect Mailchimp integration in Checkout X.

I don’t have a Mailchimp cart abandonment campaign.
Our checkout will provide Mailchimp with your customer’s email so that Mailchimp can send the automatic cart abandonment email. That’s why we will first set up a cart abandonment campaign and after that connect Mailchimp integration in Checkout X.

Step 1: Log in to your MailChimp account or create one if you don't already have an account.

Step 2: When you log in you will see a button Create Campaign on the menu above.

Step 3: Select Emails to set up your automated emails.

Step 4: Turn on an abandoned cart email.

Step 5: In the section Single Email add a campaign name and select your store in the fields below. When you are ready, click the Begin button. You can use the Email series option as well.

Step 6: Done! Now let’s connect Mailchimp with Checkout X!

Differences between cart abandonment email and cart abandonment series

Cart abandonment email:
After setting up an abandonment cart email, Mailchimp will send one email to your customers, encouraging them to come back and complete the purchase. Find our more on Mailchimp’s guide

Cart abandonment series:
After you set up an abandoned cart series, Mailchimp will send a sequence of reminders to encourage your customers to come back and complete their purchase. Find out more on Mailchimp’s guide.

2.Connecting Mailchimp with Checkout X

Make sure your Shopify store is already connected to Mailchimp. To connect Shopify with Mailchimp you can check ShopSync guidelines on how to install it on Shopify.

Step 1: Go to the Checkout X > Configurations > Integrations > scroll down and find MailChimp.

Step 2: If you haven’t already installed ShopSync. Please, click on the Install the ShopSync app.

Step 3: Authorize Checkout X to work with your Mailchimp account. Please, select the Connect to Mailchimp button to add your account credentials.

Step 4: Select your Shop mailing list from Shopify and then don't forget to click the Save Integrations button.

Simulating a test

You can test Mailchimp's cart abandonment emails to see if they are sent, how they look and if you want to add additional information.

To test your cart abandonment email follow the steps below:👇👇👇

  1. Open incognito mode ( for a clean checkout session ) and go to the checkout

  2. Add your email address

  3. Do not complete the order and leave it. Close the checkout

  4. Done! The abandoned checkout will be sent to your Mailchimp Queue in 15 mins


🙋 What If I have already set up an abandonment cart flow with Checkout X?

By having both solutions activated, our Free cart abandonment solution and Mailchimps, your customer will receive 2 abandonment cart emails:

  • 1 cart abandonment email from Mailchimp

  • 1 cart abandonment email from Checkout X

We strongly recommend using Mailchimp so your customer can receive only one email. You can deactivate Checkout X’s cart abandonment emails by deleting them.

🙋 Since it's a one-page checkout, at what point do you save the email of the customer?

The email of the customer will be saved at the moment that they enter it on the checkout page. No need to advance to the next step.

🙋 How much will it cost me to use Mailchimp?

You will not pay any additional fees to Checkout X while using Mailchimp. And Mailchimp as a service has their own pricing list. To give you a hint, you can start using it with their FREE tier and decide after if you want to upgrade or not. For more information about Mailchimp’s pricing plans see Mailchimp pricing and plans.

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