Post-purchase upsells

Checkout X’s post-purchase upsell feature allows you to offer an upsell to your customer after they have completed their main order. This way you can increase your Average order value without distracting the customer before they buy.

Since the customer has already added their shipping and payment information, they can buy additional products with one-click and get charged automatically.


How payments work with post-purchase upsells

Using credit card, cash on delivery or bank transfer as payment methods
Using these payment methods, your customer will have a seamless interaction and can buy your upsell products with one click. 


Using Paypal, Sofort, Bancontact, iDeal, Klarna payment methods
Using these payment methods your customer will have two interactions with the PSP: first to confirm their product and then to confirm all the upsells they decided to buy.

Note for Paypal: You don’t need your account to be approved for any service like Paypal Reference Transactions or others.


Upsell transactions
All of the upsells will be wrapped in one transaction. This means that you will receive 2 orders in your store for fulfillment - one for the product and one for the upsells.


Upsell transaction fails
If for some reason, we’re unable to charge the customer for the upsell, they will still be directed to the Thank you page with their main order, without the risk of the main order being lost.


Creating your first post-purchase upsells

How information synchronization works  


Creating an upsell

To create an upsell follow these steps 👇👇👇

  1. Add the product you want to have an upsell 

  2. Set the priority for the upsell

  3. Connect your products

  4. You can override the default price and even add a comparison price which can increase the emotional level of your customer

  5. Click the button Save Upsell

  6. Preview your upsell to see how it will look

💡 Hint: As a rule of thumb you can try connecting up to 3 upsell products. That way you will not overwhelm your customers. There are no additional costs by using upsells! 


How will my customer see multiple upsell products?

When your customer buys your product, they will be presented with an upsell product option. They can either Purchase your upsell or click “No thanks”. In both cases, if you have more than one upsell, it will be shown to them. When you have no more upsells left for your customer, they will be redirected to your Thank you page with your product and upsell purchased.


Note: Your customers will see the next upsell product no matter if they skip or purchase your upsell product.


Upsell settings

In the Checkout X Dashboard, you will be presented with 3 main sections which you can use to

  1. Upsell Properties

  2. Upsell Triggers

  3. Upsell Products

Upsell Properties

You can set here the priorities and name for your upsell.
Upsell titles will be displayed on top of your upsell and your customer will be able to see it.  

Upsell priorities can be used for A/B testing or when you want to show an upsell with higher priority compared to another one. See how to Configure complex upsells guide for further information.


Upsell Triggers

In order for an upsell to be shown to your customer, he needs to complete your checkout process by buying one of the upsell trigger products or a product from a collection.

Note: You can understand how multiple triggers work in our guide on Configuring a complex upsells

Upsell products

These are the products that will be shown to your customers when he completes the checkout process by buying the product/s or collections added as triggers. 

You can select multiple upsell products in the specific order you want them to be shown to your customer.


Note: Your customer will see the next upsell product no matter if he clicks “Purchase” or “No, thanks” buttons. That is how he will see all of your upsell products.

 💡Hint: You can add a custom script to your thank you page. See our article on adding custom scripts

Overriding an Upsell price

The price of an upsell product is taken from your e-commerce platform but you can override it with a custom one. This will not override your product price in your e-commerce platform. If you change the price from your e-commerce platform the price in your upsell will still be overridden.

Follow these steps: 

  1. Go to your upsell 

  2. Scroll down to Upsell product

  3. Expand the upsell product that you want to override the price of the product

  4. Add the new price

  5. Click Save Upsell

Monitoring Performance

Form the Upsell dashboard you can monitor the performance of your Upsells.


❓ FAQ ❓

🙋 Can I use Upsells while I am in the trial period?

Yes. There will be no difference if you are on a trial period or not.

🙋 How do I create a discount for an upsell?

You can easily create a discount by following these steps: 👇👇👇 


🙋 Can I use other upsell apps?

No, we don't provide integration with other upsell applications. If you use an upsell app before the checkout page, it is possible only to conflict with Checkout X and redirect to the default checkout from your ecommerce platform. Also, other post-purchase apps won't work at all.

🙋 Does the Facebook Ads Pixel work with Checkout X upsells?

it is not possible post-purchase upsells to be tracked from the Facebook Pixel. Once a customer orders a product + an upsell product, Shopify creates two separate orders in the platform. However, Checkout X tracks them as one order. We will provide the option to merge orders in your ecommerce platform in the near future. You could read more about the Facebook Ads Pixel integration here.

🙋 Does Checkout X provide other upsell types?

For now, we provide only post-purchase upsells.

🙋 Can I have an upsell when the total amount of the primary purchase is "FREE"?

No, it is not possible. The main reason is that for free primary purchases we don’t gather payment information from the user.

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