When are invoices issued?

Checkout X issues two types of invoices:

Monthly invoices

Monthly invoices are issued on a monthly basis and include your billing plan fixed monthly fee + any accumulated transaction fees since your last invoice.

Monthly invoices are issued on the calendar day that you started your subscription each month. 

If you’ve stopped your membership in the past and you renew it, a monthly invoice may be issued including just the fixed monthly fee for the next month. Read more about canceling and renewing your membership here  👈👈

Interim invoices

Interim invoices may be issued between monthly invoices if the transaction fees you accumulate become higher than €100.

The purpose of these invoices is to make sure we can collect our transaction fees and avoid monthly invoices becoming too big to pay -  bigger credit card payments have a higher chance of being declined.

You can identify an interim invoice by the fact it only includes Transaction fees.

What does each part of the invoice mean?

*example invoice

Invoice number
The number of the invoice in our accounting database.
If the invoice is not paid, “Draft Invoice” will be shown instead.

Information about our company ( which issues the invoice ).
Our name of registration ( Eri Digital Ltd ), our official address and VAT ID.

The billing information you provided when selecting your billing plan. This should be either your name and address or the ones of your company. 

The date on which the invoice was paid.
If the invoice is not paid yet, the date will be empty.

Either Paid or Not Paid.

The method of payment on the invoice. Either Credit Card or Paypal. 


  • Subscription Plan - The monthly fixed fee of your billing plan. If the invoice is interim, this line won’t be included.

  • Transaction fees - The accumulated transaction fees for the period since the last invoice. If you didn’t accumulate any fees, this line won’t be included.

The full amount of the invoice before Taxes.

The VAT amount added if additional VAT fees are applied to the invoice.
You can learn more about VAT fees and when they are applied here  👈

The total amount that is due or was paid.

How to save an invoice?

To save an invoice on your computer

  1. Go to the Billing Section

  2. Click on Invoices on the top menu

  3. Open the invoice you want to save

  4. Click on Print

  5. Select the Save as PDF option

  6. Select where to save the invoice and click Save

If you are having trouble saving the invoice as PDF, you can follow one of these guides:

What is a Credit Note?

If for some reason, a refund has been granted to your account, a “Refunds” section will appear inside the Billing section. There you’ll be able to find a “Credit Note” document.

A Credit Note is the opposite of an invoice - it’s a document that verifies we’ve sent you money as a refund and shows to which invoice the refund is related.

❓ FAQ ❓

🙋 Can I receive invoices via email?

No. We currently don’t have the technical possibility to send invoices via email. 

We understand that downloading the invoices from your Checkout X account each month is additional work and we’re planning to send invoices through email in the future.

🙋 Why do I have multiple invoices during the same month?

If you have multiple invoices during the same month, it probably means that interim invoices were issued. Please check what interim invoices are in the section above 👆

🙋 Can I receive a single invoice?

No. Currently, it’s not possible to disable interim invoices. 

We understand that paying multiple invoices ( especially when using manual billing ) is additional work for you and we’ll consider simplifying the process in the future.

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