If you've been using our Stripe integration for while now, you've probably noticed a change in the transactions logs on you Stripe account. The reason for this is our migration to Stripe's new method of creating payments - Payment Intents.

Why was this change necessary?

There are two reasons for this change. First the new EU PSD2 regulation requires us to implement 3DS payments for Stripe and other gateways. With Payment Intents, Stripe will automatically evaluate if a Credit Card needs 3D secure and will display the 3DS challenge only if necessary.

Also, implementing the Payment Intent API gives us the groundwork to integrate more payment methods from Stripe like: iDeal, Apple Pay, Bancontact & others.

So, what's different?

Well not much, the only difference is what you will see in your logs.

Incomplete payments

Checkout X will now create a Payment Intent every time a customer arrives on the checkout. This will result into an "Incomplete" payment.

If the customer makes a purchase, he/she will complete this payment, however, having incomplete payments doesn't mean something is wrong. It's just people that didn't finish the checkout.

Errors on payment

Some merchants have been worried by errors that appear in the logs when we're communicating with Stripe. 

These errors are normal and are Stripe's way of responding to bad data like misspelled emails or when the card couldn't be charged.

Cancelled payments

On rare occasion we may authorise a card but determine that the checkout is not valid in the last minute. This will result into Checkout X cancelling this authorisation.
Again, nothing wrong, it's just a security feature.

These are the main ways that Stripe is impacted.

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