Checkout X is a very powerful tool that, when configured properly, can help you boost your ROI and integrate with alt. payment gateways.

Here's what you need to do to set it up. If you face any issues during the process, use the chatbox on the bottom right corner to contact our support.

Install the app

Go to and add use the form to install Checkout X to your shop. Don't worry the application won't be active until everything is set and you're ready to go!

Add your Payment methods

Go to Checkout X -> Settings -> Payment Methods and add your Payment methods. Depending on the Payment Service Provider, there may be additional instructions provided bellow.

For merchants using Bluesnap, follow our Bluesnap setup guide.

Enable your tracking

Go to Checkout X -> Settings -> Integrations to enable third-party analytics and conversion tracking.

Facebook Pixel

  • To use the standard Facebook Pixel events add your Facebook Pixel Id and click save

  • If you are using Trackify instead, check "Use Trackify to track your Facebook Conversions" and click Save. In that case don't add your Facebook Pixel id.

note: Don't remove your facebook pixel id from the Shopify admin, since it will be still used to track events on the pages before checkout

Google Analytics

To track data via Google Analytics you must have "Enhanced Ecommerce" enabled on your Analytics account.

Add your Google Analytics Tracking ID to Checkout X and click save

We provide the option for two conversion events for Google Ads - "Begin Checkout" and "Purchase". You need to have these configured in your Google Ads console. 

Add your conversion id and conversion labels and click save.

Customise your checkout

Go to Checkout X -> Settings -> Customize Checkout. You can change your logo, add custom colors, custom scripts and custom content for your Thank you page. More customisation options coming soon.

Add your billing details

Go to Checkout X -> Billing, select your billing plan, add your company details and credit card and click save. 

You'll be charged once a month according to your sales and billing plan. ( You will no-longer be charged for transactions by Shopify ).

After completing these 4 steps, you'll be completely ready to use Checkout X! See how to enable Checkout X on your shop.

Here are some extra configurations that you might be interested in:

Add address autofill

To enable the address autofill feature you need to register for Algolia Places from this link. The registration is free, requires no credit card and it will give you the permission to use up to 100,000 autofill requests per month. ( This should be enough for around 10,000-15,000 checkouts ).

After you have your places app ready, add the API key into the Checkout X settings section.

Add post-purchase upsells

Go to Checkout X -> Upsells and add your post-purchase upsells.

Add cart recovery email messages

Go to Checkout X -> Settings -> Cart Recovery Emails and add your email sequence. If you wish to use ShopSync instead, contact us for additional info on setting it up.

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